How to Add Text to a GIF | Quick & Easy

How to Add Text to a GIF | Quick & Easy

How to Add Text to a GIF | Quick & Easy

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In this video, you’ll learn how to add text to a GIF. You can easily take any of your videos and turn it into a GIF with VEED’s simple online video editor.

Adding text on GIF is not the only thing you can do… You can also change the aspect ratio and crop a GIF, trim it and add icons and elements. You can even choose to add animated text to GIF!

To make the GIF even spicier, we use VEED’s Video Stock Library and Chroma Key to take it to the next level. It’s time to get as creative as you like with all the tools VEED’s GIF maker has to offer!

So, feel free to add text to GIF (and more) for yourself through the link above! πŸŽ‰

Enjoy and good luck! πŸ€


πŸš€ How to use VEED’s Text GIF Maker:

00:00 Add text to GIF – Intro
00:12 Head over to VEED’s Text GIF Maker
00:19 How to import your video into the editor
00:29 How to crop and change aspect ratio of GIF (to square)
00:54 How to trim a GIF
01:17 How to add text to a GIF
02:13 How to make GIF text animated
02:32 How to use stock video for GIF
03:13 How to make GIF footage transparent (chroma key)
04:06 How to export your GIF
04:29 Outro



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