How to fix iphone 6s disabled connect to itunes mode Problem Fix / Restore / Unlock / Reset / Flash

How to fix iphone 6s disabled connect to itunes mode Problem Fix / Restore / Unlock / Reset / Flash

How to fix iphone 6s disabled connect to itunes mode Problem Fix / Restore / Unlock / Reset / Flash

In this video i am going to show your how to fix iphone 6s and 6s plus connect to itunes disabled problem with the help of itunes and dedicated ipsw file officail . the process of restore iphone 6s and iphone 6s plus is same . put the recovery mode into vol down and power button and connect cable after your phone iphone plus will be automacally recovery model symble is pc and wire

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✅ itunes 32bit and 64bit

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Here is Full Process And Steps Here: –

#if you do not know anything by watching this video
so you can get help from me
i will fully guide myself via Anydesk software
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or 10$ us dollar via paypal if you outside country

whats u need

1. idevice (iphone ,ipad,ipod) with original data cable
2 Pc or laptop internet
3 ANY DESK software ( google it)

Note – Pleasee make sure all data backup your device

After this process your data will be erased

please make sure your fmi ( find my iphone ) off . if fmi is on icloud id you know …go to and login id password..
and select find iphone , and all devices and choose your phone and remove iPhone ..

Disable idevice data erased 101%
No chance to recovery your data
Don’t any hope for data recovery with any software or etc
It’s big apple policy

PRE Requirements:-




4. ITUNES or




Please make sure your data backup after this process your all data lost

1. U need to download latest firmware file here

2. open the pc or mobile browser

3. type in google or click here or

4. open the site and select iPhone

5. Select your iphone or ipad or ipod model ( My case Iphone 6s )

6. and list show the latest software or firmware note only download latest firmware or software

7. Select the latest firmware

8. Download it file size min 1gb to OR Max 6Gb ( size increase day by day )

9. if u download the pc please use idm or if using mobile please use ucbrowser

10. After download the itunes ( or


11. install the itunes in pc pleasee check your win 32 or win 64 after install

12. Open the itunes after install it

13. Go to iphone or ipad or ipod And swich off

14. Hold home key and plug the usb cable or data cable — 10 sec hold —

—–in case your phone home button damage than
A. connect your phone data cable to pc
b. HOld POwer button and vol down both [ 8 to 10 sec] c. when phone screen off 2 to 3 sec release power button
d continue HOld vol [ min 4 to 6 sec ] e Now to detect your phone intunes in recovery mode—-

15. Detect in recovery mode

16. hold shift key and click tab restore iphone

17. select the ipsw file

18. and continue the restore

19. process time minimum 5 min to 10 min max

20. after the your device automatic restart

21. Setup the iphone or ipad or ipod

22. Congress ur idevice restore complete

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