How to Lock Photos App on iPhone (FREE)?

How to Lock Photos App on iPhone (FREE)?

How to Lock Photos App on iPhone (FREE)?

How to Lock Photos App on an iPhone?
When i don’t know about this trick, I keep on search for How to lock my Photos on iPhone. There are many Appstore apps popping up, but none worked well. Having a third party app to lock the personal photos is not that great I guess and I found a way to lock the gallery on iPhone.

There are 3 steps to password protect your media on an iOS device. Not only iPhone, you can do the same for iPad too running with iOS 12 or later. Spending a little time in scripting the process helps alot in privacy.

This Photo locker for iPhone is not a dedicated application. We’re creating a shortcut that give the same functionality like a premium locker app available in Appstore.

Step 1: Make a Photos app icon
To do this, just screenshot the homescreen having the photos app and then crop the icon. When done, save it to the Photos. Alternatively, you can also download the png file of the icon from the google.

Step 2: Lock the Photos App in iPhone
To lock photos and videos on an iPhone, open Shortcuts app. Tap on + symbol to create a new shortcut and give the shortcut name as Photos.

Now tap on Add action then search for ‘Ask for input’ under scripting.

Now change the ‘Text’ to ‘Number’ and ‘Prompt’ as ‘Enter Password’ then tap on ‘Done’

Now under ‘Next action suggestions’, choose ‘If’ and change the ‘condition’ to ‘is’ and type the number password. This will be your password to open Photos application.

Next is to provide an action to open the photos app. To do that, search for ‘Open App’ then tap on it. You need to drag this action and place it under ‘if’ condition. Finally, choose the Open app as Photos.

When someone enters a wrong password, they should get an alert right? So, search for ‘Show alert’ and drag it under ‘Otherwise’ condition and rename the message like you wish.

Step 3: Save the shortcut
To save the shortcut to the homescreen as a photos app, choose ‘settings’ icon then ‘add to homescreen’ then change the icon to the one that we created at the first step from the albums.

There we have the shortcut just like the Photos app in iPhone. When you try to open it, you will be asked to enter the password. Without a valid password, you can’t view any photos or videos.

But, you will have two Photos apps now. You need to hide the original one from the search and homescreen.

So, to remove the app from the homescreen, long press on the icon, choose ‘edit homescreen’ then tap on ‘remove from homescreen’.

Next removing from the search and siri suggestions. To do that open settings then choose Photos. Here tap on ‘Siri & Search’ then turn off ‘Show app in search’.

From now on, you don’t find any search results related to the original photos app on an iPhone and you need to enter the password to open the photos app in iPhone.

By the way, you can find the original photos app from the App Library when you need it.

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